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Brady Abbott


Brady is 18 years old and has been fly fishing the Owyhee River his entire life. Fishing alongside his dad, Brad Abbott, he has been across America fishing the coastal waters of Oregon down to the Florida Keys.


Ever since his dad started bringing him on guided trips he has fallen in love with the joy and satisfaction of getting clients into some massive brown trout. He would spend days on end camping out on the O figuring out the eating habits and the science that goes on down in the canyon. Tracking where the fish are at what time of day and what they’ll be eating is what Brady has charted and has practiced since he knew how to tie up his own wading boots.


Brady loves the fact that he received several 5 star reviews from his clients, in is 2022 season.

Brady is a junior in high school he loves to wrestle and run track and is planning on becoming a fireman after his two year LDS mission. 

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