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Jacob Erickson


Jacob is currently a senior at Boise State University studying marketing and data analytics.


He has been fishing since he was 4 years old. His passion for fly fishing began to burn once his lifelong basketball career ended after high school due to injury. Ever since, he has spent countless hours on the water studying and fine tuning his fly fishing tactics. When he is not on the water, you can find him tying flies and experimenting with new patterns and variations to best suit the Owyhee River.


Jacob was a student of Brad’s in high school where he began his addiction to fly fishing and fly tying.


Jacob has spent an uncountable amount of hours on the Owyhee River since 2017 and it has turned into one of his favorite places in the world. Jacob’s knowledge of the entomology of the river and understanding of weather patterns and how it effects fishing throughout the day can help set you up for a successful day on the water!

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