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Dan Bofenkamp

Owyhee River Guide - Dan Bofenkamp

Dan has fished the Owyhee River since the 1980’s. As a twenty-year resident of nearby Ontario, Oregon, he was on the river every week for years, and the wildly successful introduction of brown trout in the early 1990’s only added to his passion for it. Dan does not fish in exotic places or tropical locales when winter comes; he fishes the Owyhee all year in addition to the Boise river and the main Snake in Idaho. But Dan almost exclusively fishes the Owyhee. This really says something about the quality of the river considering that there are scores of other legendary trout fisheries within one to five hours. Although Dan may not know the scientific/Latin name of every insect on the water (what guide does?), he diligently ties all of the flies that imitate the river’s abundant and diverse insect life. Dan’s experience on the river has led him to develop several unique fly patterns and techniques that have proven to produce fish. He also intimately knows the entire river, its unique history and its many moods. In 25+ years, he has fished every riffle, pool and tailout on this incredible desert tailwater fishery. Dan, his wife Stacie and their field-bred Springer Spaniels, Gracie and Faith, now live in Boise, Idaho, which is an easy one hour drive, to and from the Owyhee tailwater. When not fishing, the Bofenkamps are usually pursuing grouse, pheasant, and huns found all around the Boise valley. 

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